Genetic Testing

If you could safeguard your future, would you?

You may be born with the obesity or family diseases genes. But new gene knowledge can prevent the unwanted, debilitating effects. 

Susceptibility does not mean inevitability…

The GENEWAY™ tests screen for genetic variations that may affect your health and weight, or already do! You can reduce the susceptibility for the risks, by being proactive and implementing the science-based strategies recommended to you. These may vary from modest changes in your environment, your diet, physical activity or adjustments in the nutritional supplements and medications you take. 

GENEWAY™ tests to choose from

For which conditions does the GENEWAY™ test screen?

The genes included affect the risk to develop: 

  • Heart Disease 
  • Diabetes
  • Insulin Resistance 
  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Certain types of Cancer

The GENEWAY™ test furthermore indicates the genetic influence on the metabolism of:

  • Cholesterol 
  • Iron
  • Medications
  • Oxidative stress
  • And indicates Vitamin B requirements

Personalised Medicine 

Throughout history, the practice of medicine has largely been reactive – we wait until the onset of diseases and then try to treat or cure them. Personalised medicine increasingly allows health care providers to shift the emphasis from reaction to prevention. 

What can the GENEDIET™ test tell you?

In addition to indicate the genetic risk of becoming overweight, some of the factors screened for are related to eating behaviours, e.g. binge eating, emotional or ‘addictive’ eating, how your genes affect lipolysis (fat burning), do you have a slow metabolism, or were you born with a sweet tooth, and the expected response to physical exercise during weight loss efforts. A recommendation about the type of diet and exercise best suited to your genetic profile is made.

Safeguard your future health and get tested with GENEWAY™. 

Ask your doctor for more information. 

The GENEWAY™ tests are designed to give you and your health care practitioner information and tools to approach your health and weight management with precision.

GENEWAY™ is a world-class laboratory utilising cutting-edge technology for genetic testing.

A new genre of knowledge.
A new genre of understanding.
A new genre in your healthcare. 

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